Red Radiation

All I can ever give the world is my empathy and selflessness, from there pours love, aid and compassion.

When i see others suffer, my heart cries for them.

When I see one help another, I see kinship. I see brotherhood. I see sincerity.

That is love.

I want you to feel my love.

Because like knowledge, love is free and it pour infinitely down on me.


Oruko mi ni…

Oruko mi ni…

“My name is…” in Yoruba, I dream of being fluent in my own language.

My name, as you know it, is analogafrikah.

Analog, I consider myself traditional, I am outspoken but my heart radiates rays of my past and the women of my roots. Quoting Badu, at times, I consider myself an “analog girl in a digital world.”

Afrikah, simply Africa, I am Nigerian. ‘Kay’ meaning “inner self” in Egyptian, I speak from my soul as much as I can, she is her own person with whom I have the pleasure of encountering everyday.

I have four names, each of them has a meaning, I must mean something. I am always trying to figure out what that is.